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Pushing Twilight, the new original scripted Web series for that won The Independent Film Channel’s Media Lab Studios Red Bull 'After Hours' Web Series Challenge, debuted Friday.

The series was created by director Steven Sprinkles and writer Stu Chait, and it follows “a group of disenchanted 20-somethings who, at the behest of a mysterious host, assemble a strange weekly meeting as an outlet for their unfulfilled urges,” the network said in a statement. “Dared by the group's host, each is challenged to complete a series of tasks. The participants soon find themselves going to places -- and lengths -- they never thought possible.”

"Pushing Twilight is an excellent representation of how IFC's open-source, user-generated Media Lab Studios gives aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to be rewarded with real-world experience and the resources to professionally produce their own series," IFC vice president of digital media Craig Parks said in a statement.

"We received hundreds of entries, and Pushing Twilight really stood out as an exceptionally creative series that embodies the essence of independent short-form content, and we're excited to showcase this production on along with our other successful Web series,” he added.