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Hulu Lines Up Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Political Special

Hulu and Funny or Die will partner on a one-hour political special starring puppet Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, called Triumph’s Summer Election Special 2016. The special, a follow-up to Triumph’s Election Special 2016, debuts on Hulu Aug. 11.

Triumph, voiced by Robert Smigel, makes his return to the presidential campaign trail, covering delegates, protesters and other key characters at the party conventions.

“The world needs this desperately,” Triumph said from behind a female Corgi, according to Hulu. “Nothing makes sense right now. A craven bully is a nominee. I’m talking, of course, about myself.”

Triumph’s previous special was a close-up of the primary season, from Iowa to New Hampshire to South Carolina.  

The special is created and executive produced by Smigel and executive produced by Funny Or Die’s Anna Wenger and Mike Farah; Conan O'Brien, and Sue Fellows.  

The cigar-chomping canine got his start years ago on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.