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Hudson MX Names Rubin Senior VP for AgencyCloud

Media software company Hudson MX said it named former FreeWheel exec Judd Rubin as senior VP, AgencyCloud.

Rubin, who had been senior VP of revenue and marketing at FreeWheel Advertisers, part of Comcast, will work with agencies to enable customized marketplace through AgencyCloud, a set of API that integrate agencies with media, technology and data partners.

“Judd Rubin is one of the best people in this industry when it comes to connecting resources and getting people on board with essential change,” said JT Batson, co-founder and CEO of Hudson MX.

“Our conversation around solving the problems of local media transactions began seven years ago when we were both frustrated by the proliferation of unstructured data and lost opportunities created by outdated systems and disparate technology,” Batson said. “The ecosystem at that time was challenging to work within, and almost impossible to interact with from the outside. With the introduction of AgencyCloud, we have created pathways for seamless transactions, a mechanism for all activity to become structured data, and the incentive for any potential partners to optimize their business by leveraging our solutions.”

At FreeWheel, Rubin helped launch one of the industry’s first buyer-centric OTT marketplaces. Before that he had his own consulting firm and led Mediaocean’s media convergence growth initiatives.

Rubin worked with Batson when both were with Mediaocean.

“Legacy systems worked perfectly in a closed environment, but interoperability is the backbone of business in 2020,” said Rubin. “Agencies and partners shouldn’t have to conform to the limitations of their software. By starting fresh, our clients get to dictate how they want to work and whom they want to work with to best serve their clients. With AgencyCloud providing a seamless communication layer to the Hudson MX platform, we are able to make collaboration and connectivity easy and configurable.”