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Howard Stern's 9-11 Shows on InDemand

InDemand is offering video from Howard Stern's radio shows on Sept. 11, 2001 and the day after on its Howard TV pay-video on-demand channel. It's already on the channel, which is available by subscription on Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Cablevision, Adelphia, Patriot, Charter and Rogers cable systems.

The tapes, made for Stern's old E! television show, but never aired, are an eerie snapshot of what happened on Stern's show just prior to news of the attack--Stern was talking about Pamela Anderson's breasts--and then shows the somber aftermath.

Tom Chiusano, the general manager of WXRK-FM, the New York station where Stern worked, walked into the studio to tell the Stern crew about the crash.Not knowing much and supposing it was a small private plane, Stern and others first made light. But after realizing the enormity of the situation, Stern said, "This is another Pearl Harbor" and shortly thereafter, guessed that Al Qaeda was behind the attacks. The cut-down videos from both days--both about 90 minutes--include time coding so viewers know what Stern and his regulars were saying when. It also includes phone calls from shocked New Yorkers reacting to the news.