How Viewers Watched President Trump’s First State of the Union Address

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump took the podium for his first State of the Union address. B&C partnered with Inscape, the TV measurement company with glass-level data from a panel of more than 7.7 smart TVs and devices, to reveal viewership trends during the evening.

Fox News had the highest percentage of unique TVs tuned into the address, followed by NBC and CBS. For the most part, viewership was fairly steady across networks during the hour and a half address. People didn’t really start to tune out until the end and during the Democratic response, which was given by Rep. Joe Kennedy (Note: not all stations broadcast the rebuttal).  

Here’s a look at where people were tuning in from. On the heatmaps below, the darker the color, the more people were likely to be watching, with the baseline normalized by each state’s population. People in Florida, Arizona, Washington and Oregon were especially likely to be watching.