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Hollywood Publicist Eddie Michaels Dies at 49

Longtime public relations rep Eddie Michaels died Thursday in Los Angeles. Michaels was 49.

Michaels died from complications resulting from brain cancer treatment. The PR vet was first diagnosed with the disease seven years ago and had been in remission until last year.

Todd Beck, president, Beck Media & Marketing, said "One of the cardinal rules of publicity is 'don't become the story,' so I know our friend Eddie would just hate this."  Beck's company acquired Michael's PR agency, Insignia, in 2012.  

"My agency team and I are deeply saddened by Eddie's passing. We will miss his warmth, his passion, and his time-tested skills as a true Hollywood PR pro," Beck added. "Our hearts and thoughts are with his wife, Lorin, and his children, Dylan and Matthew, who will always remain part of our extended agency family."

Funeral services are scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 11 at 2:00 p.m. at Mt. Sinai Memorial Park.