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HLN Acquires ‘What Would You Do?'

HLN has acquired the exclusive cable TV rights to the ABC
series What Would You Do?

The network will begin airing back-to-back episodes of the hidden
camera series on Thursdays and Sundays from 9-11 p.m. starting Oct. 21.

The acquisition is part of a larger portfolio expansion of
HLN, which includes the recent launch of new documentary series Nancy Grace Mysteries (Fridays, 8-9
p.m.) and Making It in America (weekdays,
4-5 p.m.) with host Vinnie Politan.

"HLN is exploring new programming dimensions that connect us
with a broader audience while continuing to deliver what HLN fans want:
must-see, must-share news that relates to how we live today," said Scot Safon,
HLN GM and executive VP.

HLN will also rebrand its primetime show with Dr.
Drew Pinsky as Dr. Drew On Call,
starting Oct. 22. The show, which will air Mondays through Wednesdays from 9-10
p.m., will take a more audience-driven approach than the previous HLN iteration of Dr. Drew.