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Hispanic TV Summit: Presburger Shares Dual Vision for Latino Film, TV Projects

As CEO of Pantelion Films and managing director of Televisa USA, Paul Presburger's vision of creative projects aimed at the Hispanic community are shaped by two visions.

Relative to theatricals, Presburger views matters from the "inside looking out." As for the smaller screen of TV, his perspectives tend to focus from the "outside looking in."

In a conversation with B&C executive editor Dade Hayes here Wednesday at the Hispanic TV Summit, presented by Multichannel News and B&C, Presburger discussed some of the thinking behind the top grossing film aimed at Hispanics, Instructions Not Included, as well as current TV series Devious Maids on Lifetime and Nickelodeon's Hollywood Heights.

When it comes to movies, Presberger took some initial cues from Bollywood, noting that when "you could open the pages of Variety on Tuesday morning," he would invariably see some Indian theatrical community films among the top box office generators, even through the South Asian population in the U.S. does not nearly approach the 50 million Latinos who reside in this nation.

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