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Heavy Election Spending Has Brands Changing Plans

(Image credit: Advertiser Perceptions)

A new study by Advertiser Perceptions found that half of the marketers and media buyers surveyed are taking evasive action because of unprecedented levels of political ad clutter as Election Day approaches.

Of 300 advertisers surveyed, 52% said they have altered fall media buys because of political commercials. Advertisers Perceptions found that 33% have held back ads to avoid the rush of political ads and 18% have added frequency buys to try to cut through candidate clutter.

Advertisers expect Fox and CNN to have the most political advertisers this fall.

Advertiser Perception found that advertisers’ persona dissatisfaction with political advertising might be affecting ad spending decisions. In the study, 80% said they believe the media should fact-check political ads and 60% said they would opt out of receiving political advertising.

The survey found that 66% of marketers and 59% of agency execs expected Joe Biden to win the presidential election.

The survey was taken in September. Of the 300 respondents, 40% were marketers and 60% from agencies.

(Image credit: Advertiser Perceptions)