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Hearst Stations Pulled in Dispute With DirecTV

Hearst Television said Sunday its stations’ signals have been pulled from DirecTV after the two sides reached an impasse in retransmission negotiations.

The old agreement expired Dec. 31.

“We have made significant investments to deliver top tier programming to our viewers and DirecTV is seeking the right to carry our stations at below market rates, which is neither fair nor reasonable<” Hearst said in a statement via its stations. “We regret the inconvenience DirecTV’s demands have caused its subscribers, and we will keep you fully informed of developments.”

The stations added that they are not “blacked out.” “You may continue to receive our station for free, over the air, or by other satellite distribution, and, where available, from cable operators,” Hearst said.

Hearst offered advice on getting an antenna at a

Hearst says it owns and operates local TV and radio stations in 26 markets across 39 states.