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HBO to premiere ‘Cat Dancers’

HBO Network’s newest documentary, Cat Dancers, will cover the life of Chuck Lizza and Ron and Joy Holiday, a group of lovers turned exotic-tiger trainers.

After making their names as a classically-trained ballet pair in New York City, Ron and Joy received a black leopard cub as a gift from a close friend and soon after began to train their first exotic cats. Having moved to Cat Dancers ranch in Florida they soon took on circus recruit, Chuck Lizza, first as a trainer and later as a partner. 

The trio lived together for fourteen years until Joy and Chuck were mauled by the same tiger on separate occasions in 1998.

The documentary will feature home videos of the trio as they trained their exotic animals as well as television interviews with Ron, Joy and Chuck at the height of their popularity.

The film will premiere on HBO Dec. 15 at 8 p.m.