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HBO Max Drops Trailer for ‘The Immortal’ Original Movie

HBO Max's 'The Immortal'
(Image credit: HBO Max )

HBO Max has released a video trailer for The Immortal (L’Immortale), the feature film spin-off from international drama series Gomorrah.

The film, which debuts July 29, follows Naples mobster “Ciro Di Marzio” (Marco D'Amore) in Riga, Latvia, where he turns a low-level counterfeit goods syndicate into a major drug trafficking enterprise — despite the incalculable risks, according to HBO Max.

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After reuniting with his first mentor “Bruno” (Salvatore D'Onofrio) and receiving his latest mission, an exiled Ciro is left to fearlessly confront whatever comes his way, navigating a new chapter of gang warfare while grappling with devastating memories of loss and trauma, said the streaming service.

The Immortal follows HBO Max's streaming of Gomorrah's fourth season on HBO Max this past May. Both titles are based on the book Gomorra by Roberto Savino.