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HBO Makes Addiction Series Free to College Students

HBO has announced that they will be making their documentary series Addiction available to college students at no cost. HBO will be partnering with Open Student Television Network (OSTN) to distribute the series to students televisions and computers.

“We are delighted to be teaming up with OSTN on this public service initiative,” said Joe Snee, VP of lodging & special markets for HBO, in a statement. “It is important for college students to understand that addiction is a brain disease with treatable options, and Addiction gets this message across in a powerful way.”

The series will launch with a 90 minute feature film focusing on addiction as a treatable brain disease, and showing the effect it has from the emergency room to the living room. An additional 13 short films will delve more in depth on the topics surrounding the treatment and training of addictions.

Addiction is available as of today on OSTN, which is found on over 4,500 campuses worldwide.