HBO Launches ‘True Blood' Webisodes

HBO is launching original
webisodes (or "minisodes" as the network is calling them) set in the True
universe. The first of six original episodes will premiere Tuesday (April
27), exclusively on Yahoo! TV.

The minisodes are written by True
creator Alan Ball, and star lead cast members from the HBO drama
series. Shot on the show's set, the three to five minute episodes will
reference both past and future storylines, meant to satiate die hard fans
appetites until the program returns June 13.

Following its debut on Yahoo!, the
first episode will become available at and the True Blood
Facebook page April 28, and will appear on the network itself May 2 following
an encore episode of the series. It will also be available on HBO On Demand
starting May 3.

"The minisodes provide a wonderful and rare opportunity to
take a deeper look into Bon Temps and the characters that live in this colorful
town," said Ball in a statement.  "The scenes are so much fun, and the
performances as stellar as always.  I can't wait to share them with
everyone, old fans and new."

"We can't think of a better way to quench fans' thirst for True
than to give them six, entirely new minisodes that let them step back
into the amazing world created by Alan Ball," said Zach Enterlin, VP of advertising
and promotion, HBO, in a statement.  "The minisodes are a perfect way to reward
fans of the series while simultaneously exposing new, interested viewers to the