HBO to Launch Daily Newscast in Expanded Partnership With Vice

HBO is furthering its relationship with Vice in a big way, announcing a new four-year deal that will greatly increase the collaboration between the two companies.

In what HBO calls its “most expansive programming deal ever,” the agreement will dramatically increase the pay cabler’s news coverage, including a daily 30-minute Vice-branded newscast that will run 48 weeks per year.

A Vice-branded channel will be available on HBO’s upcoming internet-only service HBO Now, which is scheduled to launch next month in conjunction with the fifth season premiere of Game of Thrones. The OTT service is aimed at millenials who do not subscribe to a cable package, an audience that Vice has been very popular with. The expanded deal could also make HBO a major player in the news space as coverage of the 2016 Presidential Election heats up in the coming months.

“This deal, simply put, allows Vice the freedom to go after any story, anywhere we find it — and to do so with complete independence,” said Vice founder and CEO Shane Smith. “This deal is a tremendous gift and a tremendous opportunity, and we at Vice realize this.”

HBO has also renewed its weekly Vice docuseries for four more years and will increase the number of shows from 14 to 35 per year. Additionally, HBO has committed to 32 Vice-branded specials over the next four years.