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HBO Documentary Follows Jacques d’Amboise to China

HBO’s newest documentary, Jacques d’Amboise in China: The Other Side of the World, will chronicle the work of veteran New York City Ballet dancer, Jacques d’Amboise, as he travels to China to choreograph a dance in honor of the 2007 Shanghai Special Olympics World Games.

Part of a month-long cultural exchange between d’Amboise’s own New York City dance troupe, the National Dance Institute, and several different Chinese dance schools, the documentary follows d’Amboise and his more than 100 students through the rehearsal process and final performance of the eclectic dance piece entitled, Dancing into the Future.

A student of George Balanchine, d’Amboise began studying dance at the age of 8 years-old and continues to teach more than 60 years later.

“Dance and music, which are together like time and space, express our human emotions better than anything else. And I am very privileged to have a life in those arts…to be able to go to children and try to inspire them with the love of controlling how they move to express emotion,” d”Amboise has said.

The documentary will premiere on HBO on Dec. 3 at 6:30 p.m.