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HBO Acquires Obama Documentary

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HBO has acquired the rights to a documentary from actor Edward Norton’s Class 5 Films following President-Elect Barack Obama. The still untitled doc will premiere on HBO in 2009.

The documentary crew has been following Obama since his trip to Africa in the summer of 2006, and since then has had “unprecedented access to Obama, his senior campaign staff, family, friends, and volunteers,” throughout his campaign, according to the network. The crew will continue shooting footage through the inauguration. The film will document his rise, while “examining American politics and culture through the prism of his candidacy.”

Director Amy Rice initiated the concept in 2006, recalling his speech at the Democratic national Convention. Norton approached Senator Obama and his staff “months prior to his decision to run for President,” and he granted them access shortly thereafter.

"Senator Obama's history-making race for the White House has given our film a perfect framework to explore the pulse of the country at this vital moment in our history,” Norton said, announcing the film. “We believe this film will capture a tipping point in American history when a new generation of leadership emerged and old prejudices were finally vaulted over. We’re thrilled that this film will be presented by HBO, which has long been one of the notable champions of the documentary film but, more importantly, offers us by far the best chance to share this film with the widest audience.”

Norton, Stuart Blumberg and Bill Migliore are producing the feature, with Rice and Alicia Sams directing.

Sam Pollard, editor of HBO’s When The Levees Broke, will edit the film.