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Haystack TV Launches Super Tuesday Channel

Ad-supported news streaming service Haystack TV said on Monday it launched a channel dedicated to news about the Super Tuesday primary elections as part of its coverage of the 2020 elections.

The Super Tuesday Channel featured content from more than 250 local broadcasters and national outlets including ABC News, the AP, Bloomberg, CBS News, Cheddar, Euronews and Newsy.

“Haystack TV viewers are passionate about the news and this election. With a dedicated Super Tuesday channel, Haystack offers an easy access point for a comprehensive stream of Decision 2020 Super Tuesday news coverage and political analysis - both on the ground courtesy of our local broadcast partners and national/international perspectives from our news providers around the world,” said Haystack TV CEO and co-founder Daniel Barreto.

Fourteen states and American Samoa will hold primaries on Super Tuesday, March 13.

Haystack TV offers customized newscasts for viewers using news clips from its sources. It also has topical streaming channels dedicated to topics such as the Coronavirus, sports, business and entertainment.