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Hall Decked With Silver for Milestone

The B&C Hall of Fame will hold its 25th edition at New York’s Waldorf Astoria on Oct. 20, inducting another stellar class. With the honor roll now boasting more than 400 influential industry figures and the big night fast approaching, we’re taking a look back at some of the great lines from acceptance speeches in past years.

“I’ll always be honored to have come up in TV during the time Brandon Tartikoff was the head of NBC. He hated my guts.…To his credit, he went public with those views when Back to the Future hit… as to say he’d made a mistake. I thought that was such a great gesture. So I sent him a lunch box with my picture on it, and I said, ‘Brandon, this is to put your crow in.’ He brought humanity to television that’s still very much in evidence in the best of what’s on TV.”
—Michael J. Fox, 2001

“Don’t ever get one of those [lifetime achievement awards]. “The hearse is waiting downstairs.”
—Roger Ailes, 2008

“I’ve been asked, ‘What do you like more, television or movies?’ And I’m a TV kid—and I use that term loosely. On television, you’re invited into someone’s home, and there are only two or three people at most who are watching you. If it’s more than three, chances are they’re talking to each other and not watching you.”
—Betty White, 2011