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Hall Anniversary Stirs Up Memories

With barely a week left before the 25th B&C Hall of Fame ceremony on Oct. 20, we are wrapping up our series on the event’s indelible moments. Next week, we’ll offer profiles of this year’s honorees, plus a salute to LifetimeAchievement Award recipient Frank Gifford, who died last summer. Here are some of the event’s memorable lines.

“Today, a little cable business is a television and it’s also broadband and it’s phone and it’s big…but every morning, I still read our sales reports before I do anything, and if the numbers are good, and even though most modern phones no longer ring, I still feel the same thrill when King Kong dropped Jessica into the water and blew her dry with his hot gorilla breath.”
—Tom Rutledge in 2011, then Cablevision COO and now Charter Communications CEO

“‘Good evening. Walter Cronkite is on vacation. Roger Mudd is sick. Dan Rather is in Alaska. And H.V. Kaltenborn is dead. So here I am.’”
—Bob Schieffer, in 2002, recalling an introduction suggested by a CBS producer when he debuted in the anchor chair

“My Spanx are at live-plus-three hours, but I’m not getting any incremental lift.”
—Jo Ann Ross, president of network sales, CBS, toward the end of the 2013 gala