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Gracenote Launches Distribution System for Video Programming

Nielsen’s Gracenote unit said it is launching a new Video ID Distribution System.

The system will enable content creators and owners to distribute movies, TV programs and short-form content to over-the-top services, smart device makers and cable and satellite operators.

With Gracenote’s ID Distribution system studios and networks register their content in a video database. Gracenote IDs in the system enable better search and discover in program guides and OTT catalogs.

The programmers can also add their own metadata, tags and imagery, which is reviewed and distributed by Gracenote.

“For years, the industry has relied on Gracenote to help organize numerous and vast catalogs of popular TV shows and movies,” said Simon Adams, Gracenote’s chief product officer.

“With the growing popularity of new original programs and short-form video, our global customers face new challenges connecting users to all the content they have to offer,” Adams said. “The new Gracenote ID Distribution system will help creators and owners secure the broadest possible distribution of their programming while providing leading VOD and OTT services a means to easily identify and access relevant metadata for next-generation search and discovery experiences.”