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Google TV Campaign Shows Ways Tech ‘Helps’

Google is turning to TV during two big events--the opening of the Major League Baseball season and March Madness’ Sweet Sixteen--to launch a new campaign showing how the digital giant makes people’s lives a little easier.

The first commercial, Here to Help makes its debut Thursday. The 60-second spot features the Beatles’ well-known tune Help.

Created in house,the campaign shows people using Google products to avoid traffic, share pictures, find places to eat, “undo send” an erroneous email and check the weather.


After Thursday, 15-second spots will air on other baseball games during the opening week of the season and during more NCAA basketball tournament games. The campaign will run for four weeks on TV in select markets and continue online on channels including YouTube, ESPN, Vox and Twitter.

Print ads will also appear.

The campaign comes at a time when technology companies are under scrutiny for building the business on their users’ personal information and for being unable to step the dissemination of false and hateful content.

Google has recently launched a series of initiatives including a $300 million Google News investment aimed at helping support local news.