Gerald J. McGavick, Jr. Dies at 82

Gerald J. McGavick, Jr., former director of sales for WCVB Boston, died Aug. 12 at the age of 82.

A graduate of St. John’s University, McGavick began his TV career as a page at NBC working on The Tonight Show.

Following that, he worked as a salesman at TV rep firms and made his way to Metromedia TV Sales. With Metromedia, he worked his way up to VP, director of sales.

In 1972, McGavick joined Boston Broadcasters as general sales manager and was part of the group that launched WCVB.  After 12 years with the station, McGavick retired in 1984.

He had three sons with his late wife Mitzi, Scott McGavick (GM of WUNI Boston), Gerry McGavick III (GM of WBIN Boston) and Michael, who died in 2004.