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G4 Announces New Series ‘Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan'

G4 will bring the
high-stakes drama of The Hurt Locker
to life in its new series, Bomb Patrol:
, which will follow a U.S. Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal
(EOD) platoon in combat overseas, the network announced Tuesday. The series
will premiere in spring 2011.

Viewers will watch the EOD
team go from training sessions in San Diego to deployment in Afghanistan, where
embedded camera crews will capture the team's daily missions to disarm roadside

"There is simply no
way to comprehend the incredible amount of pressure and split-second decision
making these individuals must undertake in the worst possible physical
conditions without riding along with them as our cameras will do," said
Neal Tiles, president of G4, in a statement. "This is a rare
opportunity to showcase the work of the courageous men and women on the front
lines, and share with our viewers all the real-life drama, teamwork, danger and
triumph that goes along with this specialized job.  G4 viewers will see
these real-life heroes putting their lives on the line as they go through what,
for them, is just another day at the office."