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FX’s First-Ever Documentary Film ‘AKA Jane Roe’ Premieres May 22

(Image credit: FX)

FX offers its first-ever documentary film, AKA Jane Roe, about the woman whose pregnancy led to landmark court case Roe v. Wade, May 22. It airs the following day on FX on Hulu. 

Norma McCorvey is the “Jane Roe” whose unwanted pregnancy led to the 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion. AKA Jane Roe is a portrait of McCorvey, “a surprising, thought-provoking and incredibly moving documentary that brings into focus the woman who was ‘Jane Roe,’ and unravels the mysteries she guarded so closely throughout her life,” according to FX. 

FX said McCorvey was deemed “too divisive and unpredictable by many in the pro-choice movement,” and switched sides in 1995 to crusade against abortion. 

McCorvey died in 2017. In the film, she gives what FX called “a startling deathbed confession.”

Nick Sweeney directed and produced the film. Kerstin Emhoff and Chiemi Karasawa produce it as well.