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FX’s Landgraf Touts Simpsons World as Example of Adaption to Evolving Ecosystem #TCA14

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Beverly Hills, Calif. — FX Networks chief John Landgraf trumpeted Simpsons World, the app that will give Simpsons fans an all-access, non-linear pass to the series, during the TCA summer press tour on Monday for FX Networks.

“I think there’s been a lot of criticism of an ecosystem that’s struggling to evolve and adapt in the face of consumption change and this is an example of the fact that we really want to,” said Landgraf. “We just have to figure out how to work out all of the technical and creative and business aspects of how to do that. But I think this is how people who love The Simpsons want to access it.”

The app, which is set to roll out in October shortly after the linear launch of the series on FXX, will serve as the online home for all of the series 522 episodes.

“With this I think there’s no reason to ever do anything else but do this app 24 hours a day,” said The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean, who joined Landgraf on stage for a panel on the series along with FX Networks executives Chuck Saftler, president of program strategy and COO, and Stephanie Gibbons, president of marketing and on-air promotions.

At launch, Saftler said they expect to have about 60% of MVPDs on board with full rollout in a little more than a year.

For fans who don’t have subs with one of the partner providers, they will have access to show clips. Access to full episodes and additional features will require authentication.

FX Networks acquired the digital rights to The Simpsons in November to beef up FXX, which launched last fall.  

FXX will attempt to set a Guinness World Record with a marathon of the series beginning on Aug. 21, which is set to last for 12 days in the run-up to regular season programming on Sept. 2.

Additional features of Simpsons World include:

—A searchable database – powered with the help of Google – of the complete series.

—Character profiles that include notable quotes and clips for each character.

—Scripts for each episode.

—Ability to share clips, quotes, script excerpts and more to social media.

—Customizable user profiles that will track the episodes and clips viewed per user. Users will eventually be able to Simpsonize their profiles.

—A randomizer that will allow viewers to watch clips and episodes at random.

—Simpsons TV that will feature a set number of episodes on a loop.

—Integration of content from Matt Groening’s book Simpsons World.

—A “heartbeat” for each episode that gauges popularity on the app.