FSN to Tell Amazing Sports Stories

FSN has set April 13 as the premiere of Amazing Sports Stories, its new weekly half-hour series that will air Sunday nights at 8 pm locally.

The series will use archival footage, interviews and re-enactments for the backbone of the 13-episode run of mini-documentaries on extraordinary athletes or teams from sports history.

The first episode features a baseball pitcher who pitched in the major leagues after losing half his leg while serving as a fighter pilot in World War II.

“The fact that so many of these exceptional stories have been forgotten over time is a tremendous disservice to true sports fans. These are stories of courage, of hope, of gritty determination by athletes who pushed themselves beyond their limits,” said FSN VP of Development David Leepson.

The show is created and executive produced by Bruce Nash and Nash Entertainment, which has done projects including Who Wants To Be a Superhero? for Sci Fi, Crisis Point for truTV and Meet My Folks for NBC.