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Freshman Season Scorecard: Nothing Funny About Results

It has been, by most accounts, a tough broadcast season, with increasing DVR usage dragging down every network's overnight ratings, NBC having a bipolar year of jubilant highs and record lows, and few bona fide hits to point to overall.

While last season was a shining year for comedies, 2012-13 saw more drama success, with NBC's Revolution, CBS' Elementary, Fox's The Following and The CW's Arrow proving worthy additions. There were just as many drama duds, however, that suffered from outlandish plots (Do No Harm, Zero Hour, Cult) or overly generic premises (Made in Jersey, Mob Doctor). And comedy, increasingly the lifeblood of the broadcast business (along with sports), generally languished among the rookie entries.

Last May, the Big Five picked up 39 series, down from 46 the prior year, with some still yet to premiere and others that never got to the starting blocks. With development executives preparing once again to screen pilots and make tough decisions in the coming weeks, here are the winners and losers of last year's crop.



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