FreeCast to Curate Olympics Coverage

Orlando, Fla.- based digital media service FreeCast will offer users of its Select TV platform curated coverage of every 2016 Olympics event for every country participating, collecting broadcasts from more than 150 international TV networks, the company announced.

Select TV offers more than 350,000 TV episodes and more than 200,000 movies, as well as 1,200 streaming channels and live events, for a $2.99-a-month fee.

“This is kind of where it all started for us: with the Olympics and the Super Bowl,” said FreeCast CEO William Mobley, in a statement. “So this type of aggregation is quite literally what we do best, and we’re determined to do it even better than last time. We’re using the new Select TV platform and interface to power the experience, which is going to be great for consumers who will get the chance to see it in action for the first time; they’re going to be blown away. 

“If you’re [a] family from Latin America, or you used to live in Europe, or for whatever other reason you want to watch another country’s teams, events, and matchups in real time, we’re now giving everyone the power to do that.”

Currently, Select TV is available on PCs via the internet, with FreeCast launching mobile, set-top and TV apps in the coming weeks.