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Fox Streams to Chromecast

Fox has added a new platform for its authenticated Fox Now app by going live on Google’s over-the-top streaming device Chromecast.

The news is part of an expansion of content available on Chromecast, with Google also announcing the launch of CBS content on the device Thursday.

For the launch on Chromecast, Fox also upgraded and revamped the Android version of the Fox Now app with an improved look and user interface.

Fox has cut TV everywhere deals with many multichannel providers that give those operators rights to make the Fox Now app available to their subscribers.

Currently, Fox says, more than 80% of all multichannel subs in the U.S. have access to shows on the app as part of their multichannel subscriptions.

The move to Chromecast also expands the Fox Now footprint to 12 platforms, which Fox says is the most of any broadcast network streaming app.

Besides Chromecast, those platforms include iPhone, iPad, Android (Google Play), Android (Kindle Fire), Xbox 360, Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, Samsung and Web (