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Fox Report Launches Studio Makeover

Fox News Channel’s Fox Report -- the top-rated cable news show in the 7 p.m. time slot -- has been given a high-tech makeover. The FNC newscast, anchored by Shepard Smith, launches in its new plasma screen-festooned studio Monday. The new set includes a single rear-screen projection wall, a double rear-projection wall and a large LED "stealth wall" that will enable real-time video. The redesign will enable multiple feeds of video and even more graphics.

Fox Report will also begin regularly incorporating FNC’s user-generated citizen reporter initiative, UReport, via commentary segments on zeitgeist touchstones.

For Smith, the new studio is representative of the network’s commitment at a time when many news organizations are downsizing.

"For me, it’s about adding value with more resources: more reporters, more producers," he said. "Original content is where it’s at, and we’re going to be able to provide so much more original content through this unit now.

"As far as the environment goes," he added, "it’s sick. I don’t think there’s another studio like this in TV news."