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Fox News Tabbed as Brand Most Talked About Online

Fox News was named The Most Talked About Brand Online by Engagement Labs, which put out their TotalSocial Brand Awards Tuesday.

Fox News was the only TV channel among the top three most talked about brands. It was followed by the NBA and the NFL.

The most talked about brands offline were Walmart, Coca-Cola and Samsung.

“Before consumers buy, they talk. They seek recommendations from friends, co-workers and family about where to shop, what to eat or drink and what shows to watch. Such conversations have a large impact on the revenue of the brands being discussed,” Engagement Labs said. “The Most Talked About Brand Award is given to those with the highest volume scores online and offline in 2017. Walmart clipped the top spot as the Most Talked About Brand offline. Meanwhile Online, the Most Talked About brand was Fox News, which both won the ratings war in 2017 and found itself in the social media spotlight.”

The awards are based on Engagement Lab’s data, which measure what is says are the four most important drivers of brand performance, which are sentiment, brand sharing, volume and influence.