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Fox News Debuts ‘Perino & Stirewalt’ Sunday Show Sept. 18

Fox News Channel will debut the political analysis show Perino & Stirewalt: I’ll Tell You What Sept. 18, running it Sundays through Nov. 13. Dana Perino of The Five and Chris Stirewalt, FNC digital politics editor, helm the show, an extension of the duo’s podcast.

Perino and Stirewalt will join forces in “mixing politics and personality onscreen while delivering live analysis through the home stretch of the election season,” said Fox News Channel. Their dialogue will be complemented by live reports and the latest from the candidates on the campaign trail.

Perino has been an FNC contributor since 2009. Stirewalt joined the network in 2010.

Their podcast originated during the primary debate season, when the two would have casual conversations about the race.