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Fox News Airs Prime Special on Race July 26

(Image credit: Fox News Channel )

Fox News Channel airs a primetime special on race relations hosted by Lawrence Jones July 26. Entitled One Nation, the one-hour special looks at the matter of race from the perspectives of civil rights activists, law enforcement officials, religious leaders and the network’s own talent. 

Jones, 27, is a Fox News contributor, joining the network in 2018. He appears on The Five  and Outnumbered, and hosts Keeping Up with Jones on streaming platform Fox Nation. “We’re going to talk about how we can heal this country,” he said, “and how we move forward as a country.” 

Guests on One Nation include Dr. Tony Evans, activist Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, and The Five host Juan Williams. Jones mentioned touching on “how we handle race as a network,” adding that Fox News is “truly a platform for all voices.”

One Nation will examine policing in Camden, N.J., which drastically revamped its police department years ago, bringing down violent crime and improving police-citizen relations. 

Many networks have tackled the issue of race in recent months, and Jones said Fox News will offer something new. “There’s a lot of talk but there hasn’t been talk about solutions,” he said. “Americans are tired of the pundits ranting.”

The special airs 10 p.m. ET. 

Jones said he’s optimistic America can work through its struggles with race. “We’ve done it in the past,” he said. “We’ve taught other countries around the world how to do it, and we’ll do it again.”