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Fox Cable Finishes Upfront Ad Sales

Fox Cable Networks, which had an entire new channel's worth of commercial inventory to sell with the upcoming launch of FXX, says it is done with its upfront advertising sales.

Lou LaTorre, president of advertising sales for Fox Cable Networks, said he expects his group to be among the leaders in revenue growth among the big cable programmers. LaTorre went into the cable upfront predicting that cable industry advertising volume would rise 5% to 7% to top $10 billion in the upfront for the first time.

"Fox Cable Networks has once again demonstrated that its channels are some of the most desired brands in the ad supported space," LaTorre said in a statement. "We're so proud that our advertising partners recognize the huge investment we've made to expand our family of networks, and continue to feel we're worthy of their trust, investment and partnership. As always, we will do everything we can to help them achieve their goals and look forward to a very successful year for all."

Fox Cable Networks held a formal upfront presentation in March to introduce its suite of networks with FXX, aimed at younger adults, and FXM, aimed at 25-53-year-olds, joining FX, which targets the 18-49 demo.