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Fox, ABC News to Provide Special Coverage of Impeachment Rules Vote

Fox News Channel and ABC will both be breaking into regular programming to provide special coverage of the House vote Thursday establishing some rules for its ongoing impeachment inquiry. 

Fox News said it would be providing "continuous" live coverage of the vote, anchored by Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace and The Story's Martha MacCallum. Joining them will be The Daily Briefing’s and The Five's Dana Perino, and political analyst and The Five co-host Juan Williams

ABC had no comment, but a source on background confirmed ABC News would cover the vote, but no word yet on how.

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The White House has branded the rules resolution evidence that the inquiry has been working on "an illegitimate sham from the start as it lacked any proper authorization by a House vote....This resolution does nothing to change the fundamental fact that House Democrats refuse to provide basic due process rights to the Administration."