Former CBS Senior VP William H. Tankersley Dies at 98

William H. Tankersley, who led and promoted CBS’ programming standards, died Feb. 5 at the age of 98.

Tankersley worked under Frank Stanton and William Paley for 22-plus years and managed CBS’ standards and program practices up to 1972.

Tankersley started his career as a radio announcer in Arizona, followed by program manager roles in larger markets.

In 1950, he joined CBS as manager of program promotions and operations and was named head of program practices on the West Coast in 1955. Tankersley became senior VP in 1965 and left the network in 1972 to lead the Council of Better Business Bureaus. He retired from that position in 1987.

He is survived by his wife V.B. Tankersley and daughters Jan and Marcy, as well as three grandchildren and a great-grandson.