Food Network Plans New 'Iron Chef' Series

Food Network is preparing a new entry in the Iron Chef franchise, saying production will begin on Iron Chef Gauntlet early next year and the "reimagined reboot" of Iron Chef America will be served to viewers in the second quarter.

Alton Brown, of Iron Chef America, is set to return as host and master of ceremonies of the competition show, currently in pre-production, the Scripps Networks outlet said. "Finally. #IronChefGauntlet," he announced on Twitter Monday.

Foood Network described Iron Chef America as "the long-running, fan-favorite series based on the Japanese cult classic known for its fierce competition, secret ingredients and the ultimate culinary bragging rights for its victors and champions."

Food Network debuted the original, Japanese Iron Chef in 1999, introduced Iron Chef America in 2005 and added The Next Iron Chef in 2007, the network said. Iron Chef franchise programming aired in premieres through 2014 on Food Network and, in re-airs, through 2015 on sister channel Cooking Channel, Scripps said.

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