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Food, AMC, Discovery Among Cord-Cutters’ Must Haves: Study

At a time when cord cutting and skinny bundles are trending topics in the TV world, a new study by Beta Research found that among consumers very interested in dropping cable TV, the channel most said they must have was Food Network.

Other must-have basic cable networks from these potential cord cutters were AMC, Discovery Channel, ESPN, FX, The Weather Channel, TNT and History.

Among all viewers, the must-have channels were topped by Investigation Discovery.

Also high on the list were ESPN, Discovery, AMC, History, Food Network, HGTV and National Geographic Channel.

Investigation Discovery also had the highest perceived value among viewers, who said it was worth on average $1.85. Other highly valued networks include Nickelodeon at $1.80, Disney Channel at $1.77, ESPN at $1.76, Food Network and Cartoon Network at $1.70, ESPNU at $1.69, AMC at $1.65 and HGTV at $1.64.

When asked to name their five favorite cable network, 22% adults in the survey named Food Network and 21% named History.

Also named by a good chunk of viewers were ESPN and ABC at 19%, HGTV and FX at 18%, Comedy Central and Fox News at 15% (probably a different 15%) and Syfy, USA Network and TNT, all at 14%.

The study measured 44 basic cable networks. Beta Research conducted its research during June using a national sample of cable subscribers age 18 and older.