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Floyd Mayweather Inks Pay-Per-View Deal With Showtime, CBS Corp.

Eight-time world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather has entered
into a pay-per-view deal with Showtime Networks and its parent company, CBS
Corp., which will allow the popular fighter to hold six fights on Showtime PPV
over the next 30 months.

Financial details were not disclosed, but it is being
described as "biggest in the sport of boxing."

Under the new deal, Showtime PPV will collaborate with CBS
Corp. to promote Mayweather's events on the CBS TV network and via the
corporation's other media platforms. The first big event under this deal will
be Mayweather's May 4 bout against Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero.

Mayweather's fights average over one million PPV buys per
event, which is the highest PPV buy average of any boxer in history. If those
numbers hold through all six fights, it will be the richest individual athlete
deal in all of sports.