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Five Weeks In, 'Kilborn' Ratings Stand Still

five weeks of its six-week test, Twentieth's The Kilborn File is averaging a 0.9 rating/2 share weighted metered
market average, according to Nielsen Media Research, across Fox-owned stations
in seven markets. That's down 53% from the show's 1.9/4 average lead-in and 47%
compared to last summer's 1.7/4 average in the time slots.

In all
seven markets, Kilborn was down
compared to both its lead-in and year-ago time period averages, which are two
key indications that stations use to determine how well a show is doing. By
airing The Kilborn File in mostly
access time slots, Twentieth is exploring whether audiences are interested in
late-night style comedy before dinner.

New York at 7 p.m., Kilborn matched
its seven-market average, notching a 0.9/2, down 55% from its 2.0/4 lead-in and
40% from last year's 1.5/3.

Los Angeles at 6:30 p.m., the show averaged a 0.6/1, a 54% drop from its 1.3/3
lead-in and a 65% decline from last summer's 1.7/4.

Philadelphia at 7 p.m., Kilborn averaged
a 0.7/1, a 61% decrease from its 1.8/4 lead-in and a 65% decrease from last
year's 2.0/4.

Boston at 7 p.m., the show averaged a 0.6/1, down 50% from its 1.2/3 lead-in
and 60% from last summer's 1.5/3.

Detroit at 7:30 p.m. - where the show turned in its strongest rating, but also
had by far its best lead-in -- Kilborn
averaged a 1.4/3. Similarly to the other markets, that's a 52% loss from its
2.9/6 lead-in and a 39% difference from last summer's 2.3/5.

Phoenix at 10:30 p.m., the show averaged a 1.0/2, a 58% decline from its 2.4/5
lead-in and a 29% decline from last July's 1.4/3.

And on
KTBC Austin at 10 p.m., Kilborn
averaged a 1.0/2, down 60% from its 2.5/4 lead-in and down 71% from last year's