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FCC Fave Teen Kids News to Return

Teen Kids News is a go for season five, according to executive producer Al Primo.

The FCC-friendly weekly , which Primo created and distributes, has been renewed on 215 stations, including all 29 Hearst-Argyle stations and WNYW-TV New York, the nation's top market. New pickups include WAGA-TV Atlanta (Fox).

In addition, Primo has packaged 100 library episodes which can be stripped and which he is selling for cash. Theother deals are barter (stripping is running the show five days a week, rather than weekly. Barter means the stations may in ad time rather than cash). The package of shows is being pitched as a way to help fill the new three-hour educational kids show requirement per new FCC kids rules that kicked in Jan. 1.

The biggest clearance for the package so far, says Primo, is Raycom's digital stations WOIO and WUAB in Cincinnati.