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Fallon's 'Late Night' Eyes Integrations, Live Spots

While plans for NBC's new late-night franchise featuring Jimmy Fallon are still being formulated, network and show execs are already looking at ways to bring in ancillary dollars.

Executives say they will pursue both branded integrations and live commercials for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon prior to its March 2 launch. Fallon is replacing Conan O'Brien, who is inheriting Jay Leno's Tonight Show seat in NBC's late-night game of musical host chairs.

While no deals are imminent, NBC late-night chief Rick Ludwin says one of the integrations the network is contemplating is finding a presenting sponsor for the green room, where guests cool their heels before going onstage.

Ludwin also says he's looking forward to incorporating live commercials into the show. That's a long-running late-night tradition that had faded until recently but has picked up steam again at many shows, as both the daypart and network television in general face a challenging advertising environment.

"I love live commercials," Ludwin says. "They have been part of the DNA of late-night television for a long time, and I hope they will be a part of Jimmy's show. But you [shouldn't] go too far. I don't think you'll be seeing the Jimmy Fallon Show Brought to You by Sunkist."

Also perhaps leading to natural integrations will be Fallon's interest in technical gadgetry, which he says will be part of his show. "I think that's interesting to people who will be awake at 12:30 at night," says Fallon, who notes that the show will boast a supersized 108-inch Sharp television as part of the set.