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Extreme Reach Launches System for Aligning Ads With Content

Extreme Reach said it launched AdBridge for Sellers, a system than aims to align the right commercials with the right content in a more complex multi-screen world.

The company said AdBridge is designed to connect buy and sell side and simplify the distribution of ad creative to linear TV, digital, over-the-top, video on demand and connected TV.

“Fragmentation of audience based on new and innovative video delivery platforms is creating complexity on the sell side as ads need to be positioned everywhere,” said Bunker Sessions, VP sell-side solutions at Extreme Reach. “AdBridge for Sellers is shedding light on these challenges and the friction that exists in campaign execution on the sell-side, and delivering a true solution that ensures the industry can realize the full value of every ad impression.”

Extreme Reach said that many ad buyers and sellers have built individual systems for handling ads, which has created redundancies among brands, agencies, programmers and multichannel video programming distributors. Handing creative off to multiple systems can result in missed opportunities to monetize the right content with the right ads.

The company is using VAST tags to simplify campaign trafficking. VAST stands for Video Ad Serving Template. AdBridge also preserves the commercial’s original Ad-id as it goes through the workflow.

“With AdBridge for Sellers, we’re bringing our powerful technology and deep expertise to bear on the serious complexities of asset management on the sell-side,” said Extreme Reach CEO and co-founder, Tim Conley. "We must make it easier for publishers and programmers to monetize their premium content across every platform by transforming the most fundamental element of campaign execution—the sourcing, preparing and deployment of the ad assets themselves down the waterfall of parties that need them to launch on time and with precision. AdBridge for Sellers leaves sluggish, legacy processes behind in exchange for a modern solution, leveraging powerful technology."