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Exclusive: Two of Three Remaining 'Nightline' Producer Positions Moving to N.Y.

ABC News confirms it is moving two of the three remaining Nightline producer positions from Washington, D.C. to New York, which will leave Terry Moran, John Donvan and producer Mary Marsh the remaining Nightline staffers in what had been the show's home base.

Those D.C staffers have been offered the New York posts.

In addition, Nightline's D.C. editor, the last dedicated editor position in the bureau, will now work across all broadcasts -- World News, This Week -- as needed.

"With our show being live five nights a week and the incredible success of Primetime Nightline it has become clear that having all hands on deck in New York gives us greater ability to cover breaking news and update our show for the West Coast as news develops on our watch," said ABC spokeswoman Heather Riley. The Network has so far aired 13 Primetime Nightline specials in 2011.

There have been only a handful of producers in D.C. for the late-night show ever since production was effectively moved to New York in 2008, with periodic cuts and moves since then.

ABC had been shifting Nightline's center of gravity to the Big Apple ever since the departure of anchor Ted Koppel and top producer Tom Bettag in 2005 and the arrival of the New York-based executive producer James Goldston the same year. Earlier this year, Goldston moved to GMA and was replaced by Jeanmarie Condon as EP of Nightline.