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Emmys Reverse Long-Form Acting Rule Change

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' Board of
Governors has reversed a March 2012 decision to consolidate the outstanding
lead and supporting acting categories for miniseries and movies.

The total number of long-form acting categories was due to
be reduced from four to two in 2013. The reversal means this year, as last
year, there will be separate categories for lead and supporting actors and
actresses in a miniseries or movie.

"In the ensuing year, long-form production has
increased," the Academy said in a statement Thursday night. "Based on
the unanticipated resurgence of television miniseries and movies, the Board
voted tonight to reverse the consolidation, thereby reinstating the long-form
lead and supporting categories in the 65th Emmy Awards competition."

This year's Emmy Awards take place on Sunday,
Sept. 22 and air on CBS.