Electus to Distribute ‘The Kitchen Musical' in U.S.

Electus/Engine Distribution, the distribution arm of Ben
Silverman's Electus studio, has reached a deal to co-produce and distribute Asian
drama series The Kitchen Musical for U.S. audiences.

The series combines "drama, popular music, sizzling dance
moves and mouth-watering recipes," according to the press release issued Thursday. It is slated
to premiere in 18 territories in Asia this October, including Indonesia,
Malaysia and the Philippines.

The Kitchen Musical is produced in Singapore by The Group Entertainment,
who has partnered with Electus to expand the global reach of the TV franchise,
in association with Small World IFT.

"We are extremely proud to partner with The Group
Entertainment as Electus' focus is to produce and distribute great content
across every platform with the best partners around the world," said Ben
Silverman, founder and CEO of Electus. "We are pleased to add this compelling
new seriesto our fast-growing slate of high concept, international
programming as The Kitchen Musical has universal appeal that will resonate
greatly with the global marketplace."