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Edutopia Heads to Roku, Amazon, Apple Devices

The Edutopia streaming channel — a free video education endeavor created by the George Lucas Educational Foundation — is now available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV devices.

The channel offers more than 200 original and curated short-form videos offering educators ideas on what to implement in their schools and a series of theme-based videos that cover project-based learning, social and emotional learning, comprehensive assessment, integrated studies, student engagement, technology integration and teacher development. The Schools That Work series also offers shorts that highlight school success stories.

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“Today’s launch is an important step as we strive to reach the people on the front lines who are devoted to improving the learning experience for millions of American students,” said Cindy Johanson, executive director of Edutopia, in a statement. “Video is one of the primary ways we highlight what’s working in education. It’s an extremely effective format to tell stories and raise awareness.

“Some people like to engage on social media, others subscribe to our weekly emails. For those would prefer to stream Edutopia videos on their own time in their own living rooms, now they can. Our strategy is to meet our audience wherever they are on their preferred platforms and devices.”

Edutopia was originally a print magazine that went digital in 2010.