NewsOn Adds Live News Zone Feature to Roku Platform

Ad-supported local news aggregation platform NewsOn has upgraded its Roku channel to allow subscribers to access multiple live local newscasts simultaneously. The Live News Zone feature allows access to as many as 10 local stations.

“This new breakthrough on the Roku platform is the latest tangible example of our dedication to advancing viewer-friendly features and expanding the local TV news audience,” said Louis Gump, CEO of NewsOn, in a statement. “Over 120 local TV news stations can be live at one time in NewsOn, which allows our viewers to have even quicker instant access to thousands of journalists covering stories that are relevant to them.

“Whether they want to watch live local news when traveling, or want to see local coverage of a major breaking news event from another city, NewsOn now provides a unique way to stay connected to local news coverage wherever and whenever it breaks.”

The NewsOn app is also available for Apple iPhone and iPad, Android devices and Amazon Fire tablets, however the new feature is exclusive to the Roku platform for now.

“The Roku platform is designed to provide customers with convenient access to streamed content,” said Ed Lee, VP of content acquisition for Roku. “Likewise, NewsOn is known for delivering industry firsts and connecting viewers to live news content in a quick, effective way. The Live News Zone is user-friendly, helpful and simple to use and is a great addition to our combined services.”