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Editorial: Sad Men (and Women)

Mad Men withdrawl had already begun last week even before the last strains of “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” faded from the soundtrack of many of our Sunday-night lives.

Yes, there are plenty of other great shows and guilty pleasures on TV, perhaps more than ever. If there is a Golden Age for TV dramas that are allowed to show people as the violent, sexy, greedy, tortured and troubled folks they can be, this is it.

It is a shame broadcasters are not afforded the same freedom to program to their audiences—likely one reason cable dominates in the drama category at the Emmy Awards. Maybe one day….

But we digress.

Man Men’s exit will continue to be digested and dissected over the coming days. The fact that viewers put so much time and attention into the exercise—including the editorial staff of B&C (see our blog at 25)—is testament to the ability of quality acting and writing to arrest our dwindling attention spans between the last texted emoticon and the next Periscope tour of the sock drawer.